Engineering Manager

Sample Questions

Our goal with these open-ended questions is to engage the candidate in a conversation that will help us to better understand how they think.

  • Have you conducted interviews as part of a hiring process before?
    • If so, do you have a favorite question to ask candidates?

  • What do you think makes a good manager?

  • If being a good manager involves helping your team to be successful, how do you measure success? Are there any specific metrics you use?

  • Not everyone is going to meet expectations. How do you handle those scenarios?

  • Have you ever had to give difficult feedback? If so, tell me about it.
    • What was their response?

  • Have you ever had to let someone go for cause?
    • Tell me about what led up to that.

  • Are there any processes you feel are essential to effective management?

  • How do you approach building relationships with those on your team?
    • How often do you hold 1on1s?
      • What do you typically talk about on a 1on1?

  • Do you have any opinions on how meetings should be handled?

  • Have you ever faced a scenario where you had competing priorities?
    • How did you decide what to focus on?
    • Was any communication to stakeholders necessary?

  • Have you had the opportunity to introduce a new process into an organization?
    • How did you get buy in?

  • Is there any question you wish we had asked you? Anything else you would like to talk about?